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Still No Warming Since 1998 And No Correlation With CO2

18 October 2008

Ian Baxter cites the NASA temperature record in accusing me of
propagating a myth of no recent global temperature increase. (Letters
October 15).

The Meteorological Office’s Hadley Centre data show

that from 2002 to 2007, the annual anomaly versus the long-term average
has been about plus 0.4C with no statistical trend.

This is only a few years and no conclusion could be drawn about
temperature trend, but what Mr Baxter ignores is that carbon dioxide,
supposedly the major driver of man-made climatic warming, has inexorably
and uniformly risen in concentration for every one of these years, with
close to zero correlation with temperature.

The previous three years 1998-2000 also show no temperature correlation
with change, but 1998 was an atypically warm El NiƱo year.

We are making some of the most expensive global decisions ever, on the
basis of what atmospheric physicist James Peden has described as
"computerised tinker toys with which one can construct any outcome he



Solva, Pembrokeshire

Warmest Regards


"There is no compelling evidence that carbon dioxide has any significant
control over the direction of global temperature and climate. The
processes that regulate the interannual to decadal fluctuations of
climate are poorly understood and, as yet, unpredictable" William
Kininmonth, Meteorologist, Former Head, National Climate Centre, Bureau
of Meteorology, 1986-1998

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