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Re: Time to split QANTAS?

On 22/11/2011 5:45 AM, DonH wrote:

>   – into National, and International, aspects?

Are you a shareholder?

a. Yes-> take it to the board

b. No-> WTF has it got to do with you?

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>     One of the main concerns of Qantas employees is job security, and rightly

> so.

>     Qantas has a large domestic market, and workers jobs within Australia can

> hardly be threatened here, unless cheap migrant imports are used.  Even so,

> it seems some 1,000 local jobs are threatened – by the decision to go

> global.

>     Demands of the absurd Corporate Jungle mandates that Qantas be

> internationally competitive, or go under.  We can somewhat sympathise with

> this viewpoint.

>     Which is why a split, into National, and International, might be worth

> considering.

>      The National aspect could maintain the better wages and working

> conditions which are the lot of many Australian workers – and why not?  It

> also ensures the safety record for which Qantas has hitherto been

> well-known.

>      As for the International aspect; this could employ low-paid Asians, and

> take its chances – as would the passengers.

>      Or, Govt could acquire a 51% share, thus effectively re-nationalising

> Qantas; then make the rules.   Or, again, a Govt subsidy of wages, overall.

>      (The danger with El Cheapo airlines – like rust-bucket oil tankers – is,

> that disaster looms.)

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