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Re: Spot the difference: one White Genodical fuckwit is NO difference from another; Time to hand back the land the Abos

Patriotism is "The Last Refuge of the Scoundrel"? How to save the

Whiteman from Himself?

To the Federal Attorney and Others,

1. Can you remind Mr G. H. Schorel-Hlavka that Patriotism is "The Last

Refuge of the Scoundrel"?

2. Can you confirm that the Australian Constitution has provisions for

the International Treaties, of which Australia’s signatures are on

nearly every one of the UN Covenants, except the Genocide Convention.

3. The High Court Australia under CJ French finally, finally upholds

international laws in the single decision against the Malaysian Swap

refugee deal.

4. Mr G. H. Schorel-Hlavka seems to confirm that the Australian

Constitution was built upon a fraud of land ownership, unlawful

(morally) discrimination, genocide, crimes against humanity.

5. Its precisely because the Constitution is a fraud, is it reason for

the Commonwealth, Government and Judiciary, to pervert the Rule of

Law, including International Laws, with a corruption of discretionary


6. Aboriginal and Indigenous peoples dont need to evoke ownership of

the Island Continent of Australia; land ownership is a whiteman’s

disease infected upon the Land. The Aboriginal and Indigenous peoples

are one with the land, you rape the land, you rape the Peoples.

Unfortunately, the Whiteman is also raping the Peoples directly.

7. After watching the Japanese Nuclear disaster earlier this year, and

after watching the Gillard Government’s propaganda on the Carbon Tax

to save the Planet, its mind-boggling for the Gillard Government to

conspire to sell Uranium to India, without proper safeguards. The

Commonwealth continue to rape the Land and contributing to the

destruction and contamination of the Planet elsewhere.

8. I believe its time for the Aborigines and Indigenous Peoples to

evoke their ownership of the Land, to prevent the Commonwealth, an

illegal occupier of the Island Continent, from continued raping of the

Land and its peoples.

9. It’s time to deport the likes of Mr G. H. Schorel-Hlavka, a Land

Thief, Rapist, for Crimes against Humanity. Mr G. H. Schorel-Hlavka

knows his Constitution is a fraud. It’s time for the Aborigines and

Indignous Peoples to supplant the Whiteman’s fraudulent Constitution

with their own Lore of the Land, as well as applying International

Laws and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

10. Yes I agree with Mr G. H. Schorel-Hlavka, that the White Lawyers

are sucking Public and Taxpayers Funds with litigation for Refugees,

as just jobs for the Ole Boys and Sacred Cows of the Legal System.

Time for Parliament to make stricter guidelines and force Commonwealth

officials and judiciary to provide full and complete reasons for

decisions as a public interest.

11. Remind Mr G. H. Schorel-Hlavka, that its NOT illegal under

International Laws for Refugees to seek asylum in this great Land.

12. If the Commonwealth has the capacity to take great numbers of

Refugees, why is the Commonwealth doing its part to relocate those

peoples at the very moment? Isnt it the best way to show good will and

faith that Australia is doing its utmost to relocate people in

Malaysia, Indonesia, Africa?

13. Isn’t it the intention of the Commonwealth to dissuade desperate

people from risking their children’s lives in making a perilous ocean


14. Next time I issue a Notice of a Consitutional Matter to the

Attorney General, I hope the Attorney General turns up to court to

enlighten and clarify the Consitution and Rule of Law for the likes of

Mr G. H. Schorel-Hlavka and Mr Alan Jones.


Charles PHAM

On Wed, Nov 16, 2011 at 10:43 PM, G. H. Schorel-Hlavka <schorel-

hla…> wrote:

    Charles Pham & others,

    Some time ago, as a CONSTITUTIONALIST, I recommended to the

Commonwealth of Australia that it should enact legislation that any

person arriving into the Commonwealth of Australia without prior

permission or has this permission exceeded by the Commonwealth should

be required to be deported unless the Minister decided otherwise.

    This would avoid lengthy litigation buy so called refugees and

would be in line with the Ah Toy decision of the Privy Council upon

which the Framers of the Constitution relied upon.

    Currently the system has operated for far too long that anyone

could claim to be a refugee and then run taxpayers up a huge cost on

litigation merely where they had managed to pay people smugglers or

got themselves a plane ticket into Australia where as others say a

widow with 5 children awaiting for years in a refugee camp are time

and time again delayed in their assessments because of others so to

say jumping the que.

    To Australians it may not make one iota of difference if the

Commonwealth were say to allow 1000,000 refugees to be entitled to

settle in Australia but it makes a huge difference to those waiting in

refugee camps for year after year patiently awaiting their assessment

if others by merely paying a people smuggler or pay for a plane flight

can jump before them.

    For years I have urged the Federal government to adopt a system

that each and every refugee or self proclaimed refugee is handed over

to the United Nations and it alone then deals with priorities. In that

manner it stop the que jumping and people who are already in another

country in a refugee camp then will be aware they better stay where

they are until the UN recommends them for placement as otherwise they

loose their place in the que.

    Then the widow and 5 children may just get the opportunity to

enjoy sanctuary they deserve and in the mean time those children may

have learned the language and so be more likely to assimilate with

Australians and so the Australian Way of Life.


    Again, in the Ah Toy case the then Victorian colony denied Ah Toy

to land and the Privy Council upheld this right. Hence, the

Commonwealth for and on behalf of the states (former colonies) then is

entitled to do the same.


    The moment you will facilitate for the rich and others using

monies to be able to get ahead of those who are poor and waiting

patiently in refugee camps then you have lost the plot as to Human

Rights because then you allow ?money? to dictate who shall or shall

not enter Australia,


    It got absolutely nothing to do with interference of the

separation of power to deny self proclaimed refugees who are so to

say ?window shopping? for a country of their choice because the

country that provided them sanctity is not to their desire to access

the courts because a true refugee must be deemed one who fled his own

country and went to the nearest refugee camp and is there to await

placement into another country. I do not consider a person to be a

refugee who left his mother country and took placement in another

countries refugee camp and then decided he may just seek to force some

State to accept him by paying a people smuggler or otherwise getting

into another country.

    It is rather against the Human Rights of many Australians that

they are left lingering to sleep in cars, under bridges or wherever

without the ordinary comfort citizens ordinary are entitled upon while

we fund excessively those who never paid any taxes but desire to force

our government to take them in.


    Our constitutional separation of power is not interfered with by

refusing refugees to be denied any legal resources where they came in

the first place without consent or overstayed their visa?s as again

the Framers of the Constitution based our constitution also upon the

Ah Toy principle.


    Look at it this way that if we and other nations fund the United

Nations to care for all refugees and we avoid by this having those

detention centres, etc, then we all might be al lot better off.

    We could then have any true refugee waiting in a refugee camp

being aware that within a certain time they may be offered to reside

in the Commonwealth of Australia if in the mean time they use the

period of waiting to learn the English language, etc.


    I have been so to say on the forefront to fight for the rights of

refugees, including the Tampa issue, but let us not confuse it all by

claiming that to repel abuse of refugee status is going to be a denial

of Human Rights or somehow interferes with the separation of powers

between the executives and the judiciary because when it comes to

refugees their legal rights cannot be invoke unless they are with

consent of the Federal government in Australia.


    Look at it this way, if the Commonwealth were to invite the United

Nations to bring 1,000 refugees into Australia and the United Nations

does so then each and every one of those refugees would by this be

legitimately in Australia regardless if the Commonwealth after

assessment may decide some of them may not be permitted to stay. Then

the refugees would all be entitled access to our judiciary because

they entered Australia lawfully. Those who afterwards were found to

have deceived the Government and lied as to their true identity or

criminal record then cannot be held to have access to the courts

because they wrongfully obtained permission to enter Australia.


    What we need to do is to protect our borders so that it encourage

all foreigners to be honest from the start knowing that if they are

not then they face deportation.


    Our courts are there to pursue JUSTICE but cannot be used as a

tool for those who dishonestly were able to get into Australia.


    With the Malaysian deal I personally find it objective to exchange

people but constitutionally the Commonwealth is entitled to reject any

so called refugee it desires to expel and it is entitled to welcome

any refugee from Malaysia it desires to do so. And if it finds that a

person from

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