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Re: FS: Safety In The Market Smarter Starter Pack & No 1 Trading Plan

I have found the SITM Smarter Starter Pack (ABC Trading) to be
profitable trading SPI futures and would not label their system a scam.
I did however find it a lot of work which is why many people give up and
label it as a scam.

It took me just over a year to get through the material thoroughly, hand
draw the charts and back test the signals (i manually tested it from
1983). It could be done faster but during that year i was working full
time, renovating a house and do job related study. So for people who
have a bit more time on their hands they could get it done faster.  

I have used the ideas in the Starter Pack and Number One trading Plan to
put my own trading plan toegether that returns on average about 70% p.a.
(back tested over the last 18 years of CBA and traded for the last year
profitably). Based on 30K CFD account and taking 50K positions at a

Overall it has worked for me. If you purchase the course get the
software too (it is supposed to back test SITM ABC signals). I’d be
happy to pay $3,000 for the 2 courses and get them to throw in the
software as well.


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