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Perfect example of blatant lying and wild exaggerations of left wing media…

I picked out one of many many wild crazy lies, there are so many

falsehoods in this article that one hardly knows where to start.

The lie:

"Now we’re on track to have a possible record-breaking number of

hurricanes; three cyclones now spinning in the Atlantic and Gulf could

threaten our rain-soaked coasts and waterways."

The reality:

1) We haven’t had a single actual hurricane make landfall even though

we are about three quarters of the way thru the hurricane season.

2) We are up to tropical storm Nate, that is the 14th named storm of

the season. None so far qualifies as a hurricane except for Katia,

which is not expected to make landfall in North America.

3) Not even close to record numbers or record strength.

It doesn’t get any more propagandic than that. We’re all gonna die

folks, unless we give the IPCC all our money and our first-borns. Make

the rich pay.

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