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No Evidence Global Warming Is Making Hurricanes Worse, nee: Irene Wasn't All That

Ryan Maue, at Florida State University, tracks global tropical cyclone
energy back to 1970, which is the time at which adequate data on
hurricane winds became available. His "Accumulated Cyclone Energy" (ACE)
index peaked in the mid 1990′s and in recent years has been at or near
the lowest point ever recorded.

However, there is an interesting trend in Atlantic hurricane activity.
The Department of Commerce’s National Hurricane Center (NHC) is naming
tropical storms that they clearly would have ignored in previous years.
  … Frankly, some of our recent "tropical storms" have pitiful
presentations, looking more like small clusters of thunderstorms than
the familiar pinwheels of nascent hurricanes.

Why NHC is doing this, and why they kept Hurricane Irene’s "category"
(one through five) high despite  acknowledging that hurricane hunter
aircraft were having trouble finding enough wind, has more to do with
risk aversion …

Nye is still a doofus (upgraded from buffoon).

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