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Never never never let Labor(sic) manage your money

Scroll down to Table 1: 2007 Unit Labor cost…


Germany:  98

Greece:  114

Italy:   121

Spain:   123

What this means for you socialist morons, is that Greek labour is 16%
*less* productive that German labour, Italian labour is 23% *less*
productive and Spanish labour is 25% less productive.

Ten years ago, the architects of the EUR *forgot* to include unit labour
costs in their Euro basket formula – the result is that the productive
folks now have to bail out the socialist couch potatoes. And for ten
years, the socialist thieves actually pulled it off.

It’s touch more complex than that, taxpayers being guarantors not
assetholders, but in essence, when the tide goes out – that’s what it
amounts to – socialist couch potatoes living off people who work smarter
and harder – up to 25% smarter!

Let Wayne Swan continue with his Keynesian pump priming and we’ll be in
the same boat – except with one difference, there ain’t no-one gonna
bail us out, without taking over that is. $200b of gubbermint debt in
the midst of a resources boom is absolutely, unbelievably *stupid*. What
will happen when the boom ends? Will we eat the NBN?

Speaking of which, if the NBN were the whole economy, this would be the


Original tender:     100 ($8.7b)

Affordable alliance: <50 ($4b)

Conroy’s NBN:        494 ($43b)

Productivity is the basis of wealth. Greece’s woes are what happens when
you stuff it up.

What do you say, Paul Keating? Be honest please.

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