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Does anyone know of a mutual fund that is Australian based, similar to the
Vanguard 500 in the USA? Most the local funds look like the USA styled 12B1
type funds.

All I am after is a simple fund with no charges in/out/annual excepting for
the admin fees which the Vanguard fund hits you with that is connected with
the top stocks.


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  1. admin says:

    australis wrote:

    > Oil Search, the Sydney based PNG Oil specialist outfit, have in a short
    > space of time, crept up around 18% share value, with the most interesting
    > spike seeming to be from an institutional source. I have also hear that
    > their drilling prospects are good in their latest run.

    > Any opinions on the likelyhood of movement on this one, and why?

    I thought I’d done well buying late last year at 1.79 and sold a month
    or so later at 2.29. They hit 3.05 today and my guess is that they will
    continue this trend least for the moment and if things are stable in
    PNG. Ah well its easy to be wise with the benefit of hindsight. Take a
    look at Tap Oil, they appear to be going from strengh to strengh as

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