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The Kenison Counting Numbers market timing method uses a unique and
powerful number counting sequence to project important market high
and low points in the future by counting forward from high and low
in the past.

Three month, three week, three day and three hour reversal zones are
projected at specific time counts in the forward progression.  For
instance, when a market trades up into a monthly, weekly, daily or
intra-day reversal zone, then an important top is being projected to
occur during that time frame.  The opposite is true if a market
trades down into a projected reversal zone.

In late 2006, Kenison Counting Numbers projected three high potential
three month reversal zones would occur for the S&P in 2007.  They
were centered on the months of January, June and November 2007. The
S&P 500 contract entered a very important monthly top reversal zone
when it moved up into the three month reversal zone centered on
January 2007 indicating a terminal top count being projected off the
monthly count starting point bottom in October 2002.  A major
intermediate top did occur in February 2007 as we now know. See the
monthly S&P 500 chart at:

Also, we concurrently entered a weekly terminal top to top count
projecting off the high in the second quarter of 2006.  The week of
February 12, 2007 was the center week of this very important three
week reversal zone.  The market moved up into that weekly reversal
zone.  This provided us with a powerful monthly and weekly bearish
conjunction count.  See the weekly S&P 500 chart at:

In the middle of this powerful monthly and weekly conjunction
pattern, we got a daily top to top terminal count confirmation in the
22, 2007 outside day reversal down top.  All the ducks were lined up
in a row as the monthly, weekly, daily and intra-day time counts were
all totally in sync on this major top. See the daily S&P 500 chart

We next moved up into a monthly reversal zone centered on the month
of June 2007.  When the market moved above the April high, this
projected an important top would occur in May, June or July 2007. A
primary 3rd
Wave up top was confirmed in July in monthly, weekly, daily and intra-
day terminal top reversal zones.  This very important top on the
monthly charts was further confirmed as July ended in an outside month
reversal down when the market traded below the July low in August.

From the July top, the market moved down in a well defined five wave
down pattern where a primary wave 4 down bullish reaction wave bottom
reversal was registered on August 16 in projected daily and intra-day
reversal zones.

The next major monthly reversal zone projected for the S&P was a
three month reversal zone centered on the month of November 2007. The
market rallied up in a primary 5th wave completion into this powerful
monthly top reversal zone by pushing above the September high in
October.  This indicated an important top would occur in October,
November or December 2007.  This immediately shifted our attention to
the weekly chart. A very powerful top to top weekly conjunction count
was centered on the week of October 15, 2007.  The market confirmed
this very important terminal top conjunction count by putting in an
outside day reversal down in the middle of a projected three day
reversal zone within the three week reversal zone in what we now know
is the most important stock market top since 1987.

Kenison Counting Numbers is the only known market timing system to
have precisely timed this historic top.

Since the powerful October 2007 stock market top, the S&P 500 Index
has sold off dramatically.  The weekly timing count from the October
top projected a weekly reversal zone centered on the week of March 3,
2008 as the next major timing event.  The market rallied up into that
zone in the week of February 25, then promptly reversed down by the
end of the week with follow through to the downside the following
confirming a reversal down bearish reaction count completion.  This
confirmed the bear market move was still in progress.

The next projected major three month reversal zone was centered on the
of April 2008.  We dropped below the February 2008 low in March
indicating the market was projecting a significant bottom would be
registered in March, April or May 2008.  Subsequently, the market
rallied above the March high in April confirming a monthly bottom was
made in March as projected.

Counting from the March 2008 bottom, the market traced out an
irregular bearish ABC bear flag reaction wave to the upside which
pushed up into a three week reversal zone centered on the week of
April 28, 2008.  This count projected an important bear flag top
would be completed during this time frame which is exactly what
An energetic push to the downside followed.

The next significant monthly reversal zone was projected to be a three
month reversal zone centered on the month of September 2008.  The S&P
rallied above the July highs in August which indicated a significant
top would be made
in August, September or October.  The market proceeded to move up
a September bear market reaction wave top which occured in the center
of a projected three day reversal zone.

From that top, the market promptly turned down starting a massive
downside acceleration phase.

So, what is the next major reversal zone projected by Kenison Counting
Numbers for the stock market?  It will be a three month reversal zone
centered on the month of December 2008, indicating a major reversal
will occur in November or
December 2008 or January 2009.

Note carefully, whichever direction the market goes into this three
month reversal zone will determine whether we will see a major
bearish reaction wave top in a continuing bear market or a major
terminal reversal zone bottom.  If the market rallies up into this
reversal zone, we will see the reaction top.  If the market declines
into this reversal zone, we will see a major reversal bottom put in
during this time frame.

When the market commits itself to either scenario, we will then apply
Kenison Counting Numbers to the weekly, daily and intraday charts to
pinpoint the timing of the exact reversal point.

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