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G’day all…

I’m always have an interest in Investment/share and stock market ever
since i was 15 years of age though I wouldnt have a clue how all those
things work and beside I didnt have money any money then :)

I’m now in my early 20 and have a decent job and can cash out some of my
saving for my childhood dream and still wouldnt have a clue how these
things work :)..Would anyone here point me to some place where I can do
some reading or give me some suggestion on how to go about venturing down
this strange yet familar road?..I’m not out to become a million air
or making huge profit or anything like that..I just want the thrill of
doing things I always wanted to do :) and know how to do it :)..

ok thanks for your time and any ideas, sugestion will be appreciated :)

Binh Nguyen

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