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Green Insurance Fraud

Nov 19, 2011

Lawrence Solomon: Green Insurance Fraud

The insurance industry has been behind the global-warming-weather fraud

since the 1970s.

Your home insurance premiums – and the insurance industry?s profits -

depend largely on the industry’s skill in making two types of

investments: in the stock market and in marketing that scares the

bejesus out of its customers.

The insurance industry, like most in these turbulent times, hasn?t done

well of late in picking blockbuster stocks. But it has done brilliantly

in picking blockbuster scares – all related to global warming. The

upshot? The insurance industry wants more money to cover its poor stock

picks. And more money again to cover future global warming risks. With

the government?s blessing, insurers will now jack up your home insurance

premiums by 10% to 15% in the coming year

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