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Australian socialists introduce controversial carbon tax in order to kill Australian businesses

Completely insane to do this.

Australia’s plan to tax carbon emissions cleared its final

political hurdle on Tuesday but industry groups remain critical of the

scheme, arguing it’s too expensive and will deliver few benefits to

the wider economy, or succeed in cutting pollution.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard described the legislation passed by

Australia’s Senate as "historic" after years campaigning for what is

hoped will create a new platform for companies to trade carbon credits

and cut pollution. Australia is one of the biggest emitters of carbon

per head globally due to its heavy use of coal-fired power generators,

which account for about 75% of electricity output, and the new tax is

intended to cut carbon pollution by 160 million tons a year by 2020.

The tax will be charged at a fixed price of 23 Australian dollars (US

$23.50) per carbon ton from the country’s top 500 polluters starting

from July 2012, increasing 2.5% annually until 2015 before changing to

a floating-rate price with the government controlling the amount of

tradable permits released annually and implementing a price floor and

ceiling. At that point companies will be able to trade carbon credits

and the scheme is expected to be linked with other systems in New

Zealand and Europe.

Business groups have criticized the tax, which they say will add to

company expenses and do little to cut global pollution because

Australia exports much of its carbon in the form of coal, gas and

minerals used for steel making.

"The passage of the climate change legislation with a high starting

price and no flexibility to adjust the price in the initial years is

deeply disappointing," Heather Ridout, the chief executive of the

Australian Industry Group, said. "This is especially so given the

extremely uncertain and weak global economic conditions and the

volatility of global carbon prices."

In an effort to gain public support for the tax, the government has

made weighty concessions on its original plan by offering private

households generous tax breaks and pension increases to offset higher

energy costs.

"The carbon price is expected to have a moderate negative (fiscal year

2013) earnings impact on some emissions-intensive companies," Tim

Jordan, a research analyst at Deutsche Bank AG said in a note to


Australia wants to emulate the European Union’s emissions trading

system, or ETS, set up to cut greenhouse gases that many scientists

claim cause global warming. The scheme imposes pollution quotas on

over 11,000 manufacturers and power companies, leading to a ceiling in

2020 that will be 21% below 2005 emission levels. The EU has lobbied

hard to get a successor for the Kyoto treaty, the instrument that

regulates carbon emissions internationally and expires next year.

In the U.S., the world’s largest economy, support for a federal

climate policy has withered but California is planning to introduce a

scheme at state level. California’s Global Warming Solutions Act of

2006 requires the state to cut greenhouse-gas emissions to 1990 levels

by 2020.

The International Energy Agency warned in October that as the world

increasingly relies on coal to meet growing energy demand, it is

headed for a "dire future" where high energy prices drag on economic

growth and global temperatures rise dangerously, unless significant

innovations are made to lower the cost of clean energy and carbon-

capture technology.

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Re: The whole thing is a hoax

On Nov 6, 12:59 pm, Claudius Denk <claudiusd…> wrote:

- — -

> On Nov 6, 12:13 am, Dawlish <pjg…> wrote:

> > On Nov 5, 9:41 am, Claudius Denk <claudiusd…> wrote:

> > > On Nov 4, 10:14 am, matt_sykes <zzeb…> wrote:

> > > > On Nov 4, 5:22 pm, Falcon <fal…> wrote:

> > > > > After thirty years of detailed climate monitoring:

> > > > > The global average sea surface temperature anomaly stands at
> > > > > 0.120C and the

> > > > > global average lower tropospheric temperature anomaly stands at
> > > > > 0.114C

> > > > > As far as surface temperatures are concerned, the net change
> > > > > relative to

> > > > > the 1979-1988 global average ranges between 0.29C (HadCRUT) and
> > > > > 0.32C

> > > > > (GISS).

> > > > > During the same period CO2 levels have risen steadily from 336.78
> > > > > ppm to

> > > > > 389.00 ppm, and we are now burning more coal than at any time in
> > > > > the

> > > > > planet’s history, yet all climate metrics show no significant
> > > > > global

> > > > > warming for the last 12-13 years.

> > > > > How can it be?

> > > > > –

> > > > > Falcon:

> > > > > fide, sed cui vide. (L)

> > > > Indeed, temperatures are not as high as predicted by the models. THe

> > > > theory that CO2 is driving warming is disproved by empiricle data.

> > > > Any scientist knows that, it is clear. (Not to say Co2 doesnt cause

> > > > warming)

> > > CO2 doesn’t cause warming.

> > Pure denial. Of course it does.

> > Deny this, oh deluded denky:

> >…

> The only thing more ridiculous than the notion that a dedicated

> scientist would refuse an opportunity to debate and/or shed light on

> the details of their empirically determined scientific beliefs is the

> notion that a whole generation of said scientists would do the same.

> The impudent behavior that is universal amongst all AGW alarmist

> scientists can have only one explanation: the whole thing is a hoax.

Imagine Newton hiding his data. Or Einstein.

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I have noticed….

The press doesn’t seem to mention mythical human caused GW as much anymore.

Instead, they have switched to the term ‘greenhouse gases’ or

‘greenhouse emissions’. I can only suppose that it is further assumption

that it means the same thing. Warming is till mentioned but it seems

their new terms are more prevalent. This is another insult to the public

at large.

Not as many even care about it and they have been inundated with bs

stories for so long that it could gather a few converts but I think most

will have figured it out. Besides, the warmers want zealous activists.

Warming is still applied to natural events like storms and unusual

weather but ghg is applied when it comes to new law or regulations

without mention of warming for the most part.. IOW, they’ve made no

progress with the scare "science" and it’s all PR now.

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Brumby reminds why he got the flick

In "How best to invest the proceeds of the great mining boom", has-been
Brumby sez "Australia needs better schools, universties, roads and
hospitals – now"…

How about investing the proceeds of the Banking boom?

Ask Gail Kelly, ……

Instead, Brumby sez, invest more into suckhole city:…

And what will all these people *do*?

"THE number of Australians receiving government handouts has blown out
in the four years Labor has been in power.

Centrelink ‘customers’ have swollen to 7.1 million – 600,000 more than
the number of people receiving benefits in 2007. The total bill over the
past year is $90.5 billion".…


100 years of asylum seekers … at *current* rates.

Brumby should retire. Really.

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Qantas Unions not representng their members

"Unions say Qantas has not gone far enough in compensating passengers
whose travel plans were thrown into disarray with the grounding of its
entire fleet last weekend.

Tens of thousands of people were stranded in Australia and around the
world when the airline grounded all flights for two days, as the result
of an ongoing industrial dispute with its staff.

Qantas has announced it will offer 100,000 free flights worth $20
million, with people given either a free domestic flight or a free
return trip to New Zealand".…


Since when was customer service and ‘service recovery’ in particular the
responsibility of the unions?

Now they think they’re running the bloody company.

Combative, confrontational, unfocused and unrepresentative.

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Shorten throws his hat in the ring

"Bill Shorten assures he would ‘never ever’ be interested in taking up
the country’s top job"…

Bill Shorten sez he duzzent want to ‘destabilise’ the government. LOL.

Is there anyone (apart from sidekick Swan, that is) who is not a
candidate to replace Gillard?

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the sky is falling circa 1977…

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perfect xmas gift

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Shorten throws his hat in the ring

"Bill Shorten assures he would ‘never ever’ be interested in taking up
the country’s top job"…

Bill Shorten sez he duzzent want to ‘destabilise’ the government. LOL.

Is there anyone (apart from sidekick Swan, that is) who is not a
candidate to replace Gillard?

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