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Lib-Lab Get It Totally Wrong On Pulp Mill. 54% AGAINST.

The planets heating-up and South East Australia is getting dryer and yet
both major parties have buried their heads firmly in the desert sand. SO
WHEN ARE ONE OF YOU IDIOTS GOING TO WAKE UP? Now that the truth is out it

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Bourse Data Software Ellipses

I’m currently using this program for backtrading as I’ve done the John
KAYE Peaks and Troughs course.  I use the ellipse tool to draw
ellipses on the highs or lows of OHLC bars.  One whinge I have is that
the ellipse appears to ‘snap to grid’ for when I start drawing and
finishing the ellipse to mark a high or low.  Does anyone know how to
make the ellipse more free flowing or am I stuck with this?  Thanks.

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Unlike Turnbull Dani Stands-Up For What She Believes In.

She’s also a lot easier on the eye than the bewildered
Ex-Minister for Dismantling The Environment.

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Welfare states outperform low tax states — Scientific American

From Scientific American…

— Quote —
On average, the Nordic countries outperform the Anglo-Saxon ones on
most measures of economic performance. Poverty rates are much lower
there, and national income per working-age population is on average
higher. Unemployment rates are roughly the same in both groups, just
slightly higher in the Nordic countries. The budget situation is
stronger in the Nordic group, with larger surpluses as a share of GDP.

The Nordic countries maintain their dynamism despite high taxation in
several ways. Most important, they spend lavishly on research and
development and higher education. All of them, but especially Sweden
and Finland, have taken to the sweeping revolution in information and
communications technology and leveraged it to gain global
competitiveness. Sweden now spends nearly 4 percent of GDP on R&D, the
highest ratio in the world today. On average, the Nordic nations spend
3 percent of GDP on R&D, compared with around 2 percent in the
English-speaking nations.

The Nordic states have also worked to keep social expenditures
compatible with an open, competitive, market-based economic system.
Tax rates on capital are relatively low. Labor market policies pay
low-skilled and otherwise difficult-to-employ individuals to work in
the service sector, in key quality-of-life areas such as child care,
health, and support for the elderly and disabled.

The results for the households at the bottom of the income
distribution are astoundingly good, especially in contrast to the
mean-spirited neglect that now passes for American social policy. The
U.S. spends less than almost all rich countries on social services for
the poor and disabled, and it gets what it pays for: the highest
poverty rate among the rich countries and an exploding prison
population. Actually, by shunning public spending on health, the U.S.
gets much less than it pays for, because its dependence on private
health care has led to a ramshackle system that yields mediocre
results at very high costs.

Von Hayek was wrong. In strong and vibrant democracies, a generous
social-welfare state is not a road to serfdom but rather to fairness,
economic equality and international competitiveness.

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Family First & The Exclusive Brethren. Glazed-Eyed Psychotics

The era of the these fruit-loops having any say in the future
of the rest of us is over. Why protect your water or food
from dioxins when the 7 horsemen of the apocalypse will ride
out of the clouds and take all the zombies to their home
in eternal boredom land? Normally these idiots would be
certified but in the upside-down world of Howard-logic
they are the tail that wags the Neo Con dog.
Lets piss them off Australia?

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