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[Bekanntmachung:] Endfrist fuer USA Visa-Lottery

(Diese Meldung ist per e-mail auch auf Deutsch erhaeltlich oder gehe nach

[Notice] U.S. Green Card Lottery Ends Soon
But It’s Not Too Late to Enter 1999 U.S. Green Card Lottery

Questions and Answers about the U.S. Diversity Immigrant Visa Program DV-2000
The deadline (final date to receive application) for the so-called USA
Green Card Lottery (lucky draw) for the year 2000 is the 31st of October
1998 at 12.oo noon EST already, four months earlier than it used to be. No
letter will be accepted by the government before the 1st of October 1998
at 12 noon.. This means two things:

(1) You must act fast! Send your application to us NOW, if neccessary by
EMS Express Mail or courier service (like DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT ect),
because some countries’ postal services take 3-8 weeks for regular airmail
to USA. (Note: the government will not accept anything but regular airmail
letters of a certain specified size.  We make sure they get it they way
they prescribe it.

(2) Your chances to win are better than ever. Better than 1 in 40 were the
odds in previous years, when the deadline was much later (in February).
That was not bad for a lottery.

The following information is intended to answer the major questions many
have asked about this "Green Card" Lottery.

What Is The "Green Card" Lottery?

The Immigration Act of 1990 provides for an annual diversity immigration
program, making available each year by a lucky draw, a random computer
selection                               55,000 permanent residence visas
("Green Cards") and all associated benefits, in the United States. Spouse
and children of the applicant will automatically be
included. Visas are apportioned among six geographic regions based on
immigration rates over the last five years, with a greater number of visas
going to regions with lower rates of immigration.

What Does A "Green Card" Offer You?

A Green Card (actually it is no longer green, but pink!) is the admission
ticket to your legal residency in the USA and allows you the right to work
& live permanently in the United States, or enter and leave as you wish.
You could even work for the U.S. Government in many well paying jobs that
are available. Green Card recipients also receive health, education and
all other U.S. rights. You can sponsor relatives for their own green
cards. A Green Card does not affect your present citizenship and if you
desire you may apply for U.S. citizenship later (after five years you’ll
be eligible for full citizenship).

Am I Qualified To Enter the Lottery?

You qualify to enter if you were born in a Lottery country OR your spouse
was born in a Lottery country; OR you were born in a non-Lottery country of
which neither of your parents were born or residing at the time of your
birth, AND your mother OR father was born in a Lottery country.

What Countries Qualify Under the DV-99 Program?

The Lottery countries include ALL countries around the world
EXCEPT the following:

Not Canada
Not China (Mainland and Taiwan, but Hong Kong is allowed)
Not  Colombia
Not India
Not Jamaica
Not Mexico
Not Philippines
Not Poland
Not South Korea
Not El Salvador
Not The Dominican Republic
Not United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland)
Not Vietnam

(But citizens of Hong Kong S.A.R., Northern Ireland, and the Republic of
Ireland are eligible to enter)

How Is The Term "Native" Defined ? Are There Any Other Ways A Person Who
Was Not Born In A Qualifying Country May Be Eligible To Enter The Lottery?

"Native" ordinarily means someone born within a particular country,
regardless of the individual’s current country of residence or nationality.
However, for the Green Card Lottery "native" means someone entitled to be
"charged" to a particular country under the provisions of Section 202(b) of
the Immigration & Nationality Act. This means an applicant may claim
"chargeability" to the country of birth of a spouse OR if you were born in a
country in which neither parent was born or a resident of at the time of your
birth you may be "charged" to the country of birth of either parent.

If I Win, Can I Bring My Family?

If you are selected for a Green Card, your spouse and unmarried children
under the age of 21 will also receive "Green Cards".

Any Other Requirements?

You must have at least a "high school" (i e secondary = 12 grades)
education (or its equivalent) OR within the last five years, two years
work experience in an occupation requiring at least two years of training
or experience. You are not required to speak English. You do not have to
have American relatives. You do not have to give up your present
citizenship. You do not need to be rich, or have a certain amount of
money, just be capable of supporting yourself. You do not need a job
waiting. You can be living anywhere, even be now living in the U.S.
illegally. (in that case please contact us for special instructions for
your security). You do not need a passport (yet).

Any Limitations On The Number Of Entries I Can Send In For The Lottery?

Yes, you are allowed only one entry per year. If more than one application
is filed, you will be disqualified. But do not forget to also enter your
spouse and other relatives and friends.

May A Husband And Wife Each Submit Separate Applications?

Yes. If otherwise qualified, a husband and wife may each submit separate
applications but only pay one processing fee which includes the husband,
wife and children, if any. If either spouse is selected in the lottery, the
other spouse (plus children, unmarried, under 21) would be entitled to
derivative status. Children need not send in an application or photo.

What Does A "High School Education Or Its Equivalent" Mean?

The successful completion of a 12 year course of elementary and secondary
education comparable to that of a "High School" diploma in the United States.
Passage of a high school equivalency examination is not sufficient. If your
entry is selected, documentary proof of education (including a diploma or
school transcript) must be presented later to the consular office. Please do
not send it with your lottery application.

How Does The Selection Process Work?

We prepare your application and send it in the proper form and the
specified time frame to The National Visa Center in New Hampshire.  If
there are any errors or omissions, we’ll correct them, call or e-maail you
with questins. We also confirm the receipt and timely filing of your
appliction by e-mail. (Only we as a private consultancy can do that. The
government discards any and all entries with errors in it automatically
and mercilessly, without notification. Upon receipt in the correct form
and time frame, the National Visa Center will place your application into
one of six geographic regions and assign your application an individual
number. Within each region, the first application randomly selected by
computer will be the first person registered, the second application
selected will be the second person registered, etc. Once 55,000 visas are
issued, the program ends for that year. You must be prepared to act very
fast if and when your name is selected in order to fully complete your
application process.

How Will I Know If I Was Selected?

If your entry is selected, you will be immediately notified by a registered
notification letter by August, 1998, in which you will be given final
visa application instructions and information at no charge. Only winners
will be notified. If you are not selected, you WILL NOT be notified and
maycontact us to be re-entered into the next lottery.

How Much Does It Cost?

We require an irrefundable fee of US$40.-, either in cash or as blank
Traveler’s Cheques for Two (safest way).  All other forms of payment by
bank or postal services are too slow for international transactions or
require exorbitant fees to convert to cash, not worth for this small

If you send more than one application (i e for spouses and relatives or
un-related friends or associates) all additional applicatins are only
US$20.- extra. So get busy and find a few more applicants for love or
profit. Make as many copies of this text and the attached application form
as you need.

€Imporant: If there are any errors or omissions we’ll contact you
immediately by e-mail for corrections. We’ll confirm also if everything
was OK. So check your server often.€

Why so Expensive?

For the same the reason why you want to live and work in USA: the good pay
we get here. Minimum wage for unqualified workers is now US$5.50/hour, and
will be over $6.- next year.  Experienced tradespeople demand
US$50-75.-/hour. Lawyers get at least $150/hr. Certified Paralegal Clerks
and Notaries as we have working for us demand good pay too. Postage by
Express Mail is US$10.50 per letter. So you see, by American standards
this is a cheap service. Actually a quick survey of other immigration
services offering DV-99 processing returns much higher fees. We hope to be
of service for you in the future, so our inital services are reasonably

The above information and application form have been extracted from
official government publications and reviewed for your use by agencies of
the U.S. Government. We do not promise any results. This is a lottery you
enter entirely as a lucky draw, at your risk and expense.

However you are not required to use our service, you may try to handle the
application process on your own, but be forewanred:  Reliable information
is hard to come by, especially in developing countries and it is very easy
to make fatal mistakes and the Dept of State will automatically discard
your application without notification if there are even the slightest
mistakes, or your application arrives at the US govenment office early or
late by just a minute.

Send your filled out application form(s) by the fastest way (Postal
Airmail can take 3 weeks or more from some countries, EMS

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trevor hurst seminars, hudson reports

has anyone been to the above seminars by ‘trevor hurst’.
am thinking of taking his seminar.

at $45.00 it doesn’t seem to much to ‘lose’.

any thought appreciated!

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GST and Self funded retirees

Forget the propaganda about GST good for Australia etc.  I stopped
believing Costello and Co some time ago.  The dodgy figures in their
tables assumed (unrealstically that all cost savings from other taxes
will flow through to retail prices. (hasn’t happened elsewhere!)
I’m afraid I get suspicious when they spend $17 million (plus $4 million
from business) to tell me I should pay more tax for the good of the
Excellent article in SMH section today headed ""Some not as well off
under GST" by Anne Lampe, quoting from the Discovery Report.  A
realistic aanalysis of how self funded retirees will be affected.
A couple earning $60,000 pa save $1679 in tax but extra costs of GST of
A couple earning $30,000 pa save $885 tax but extra GST cost of $1,748
A single retiree earning $40,000 saves $1,418 but extra GST cost of
Of course this assumes that the tax rate changes will happen (after 2
years) but if the very optimistic economic growth figures don’t emerge,
goodbye to tax cuts (goodbye to at kleast some of the tax cuts).
Come in suckers.
Bill Holland

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BIL Shares – Why are they still dropping?

How much lower can these shares drop?

Peter Mitchell

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List of quantitative trading firms??

I’d like to know if there is a web site out there compiling
a list of firms whose focus is on quantitative trading and do
hire scientists/mathematicians as their main quants people. I’m particularly
interested in small boutique firms as well as large

Any advice is appreciated.


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How to start trading penny stocks.

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Rivkin Report

Has anybody had any experience with the Rivkin Report?

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Greenspan GOLD his views

No more need be said. Paper money is dead!


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Wow, the market really did crash!

Hey, what’s the deal with SEATS?  Why isn’t the market working today?  I
think this really does qualify as a market crash, at least in the
Microsoft sense of the word.  8)


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Share Dividend Data

Noel Davies,
You will find a list of Dividends Declared in the AFR on about page 45 every
Monday. The heading ‘Ex Dividend’ is the date stockholders are entitled to
dividends  from their shares.
Cheers Wilf

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