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Davids offer?

Should this be taken or ignored? The market seems to be ignoring it in
so far as the price is concerned.
Jon Holmes

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Technical Analysis

I have heard of a topic *Technical Analysis* which has a course of
instruction for it. Anyone else heard of such a thing or do I have it
completely wrong. Any advice welcome.

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Thank you everyone who has asked for a prospectus for the Phoenix
Technology Corp Ltd float.  Everyone who has e-mailed a request for a
prospectus prior to the 30/03/98 will have one mailed by Friday the 3rd
April 1998.  The company, and the float, has been featured in this weeks
Australian, the Newcastle Herald and will be in the May issue of Shares
Magazine.  The Financial Review will also feature the float this week,
so they tell me.  Anyone else requiring a prospectus please e-mail ASAP
to dluv…  Only $6 mill is being raised (12 mill shares
at 50c) and the reponse from investors so far has been overwhelming.
Thanking you for your support and interest.  I’ll keep you up to date,
as there is another float we are working on in the short term.  
D.luvara, Barton Capital Securities Pty Ltd, Stockbrokers 02 9233.8986.

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This is an opportunity to invest in true beachfront properties on the
beautiful Queensland coast !

What we offer are fully-managed properties within estates with a mix of
25% rental 75% owner occupied. All within the Bundaberg & Burnett
shires, with capital growth rates* averaging 8.4% pa over the last 10
years – March 96 to March 97 – 9.62% !!

*Median house price in Bundaberg for 1977 was $28,111 .. by 1996 this
became $93,938 !!

This is for serious cool-headed investors who have a medium to long term
outlook – and recognise the solid potential of property.

On an average income you can negatively gear the rental on one of these
beautiful fully landscaped homes and have it earning for you every week
The properties are fully-managed and you can relax and earn as your
property increases in capital value !!

TOO EASY ??  To get all the details about this opportunity, contact me
at clemco… (serious enquiries only)

Source Real Estate Institute of Queensland.

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"Investors wanted"

We are looking for investors to open a "state of the art" Clothing store.
"Hip-Hop Sportswear" caters to 14-28 year olds that strives to make a
fashion statement in hard to find Phat Street Gear, and Accessories. For an
example of us see:
Our Business plan is completed. Looking for $100,000.00 (one-hundred
thousand dollars) to open store front in Cincinnati,Ohio.
We Need 100,000 partners to invest $1.00 with return to be 100% in 365 to
730 days.
To invest into this venture send $1.00 and a S.A.S.E. TO:
P.O. BOX 40138
with $2.00 by 4/1/99)
For more info Email: hiphopsp…

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AFS: A Smashing Track Record

American Futures Services (AFS) is an innovative investment firm
specialized in the Futures and Options Trading.
We are just traders, intraday traders.
We have a deep knowledge of the market and we are pleased to show to our
customers the orders we place in REAL TIME on our site, so that they can judge by themselves.
We continue to make many customers happy.
We have an incredibily good track record.
Any more info, please have a quick visit to our site.

Contact :
AFS, Paris
tel : +
fax : +

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Useful Tips

How to make $14402.4 from $100 in a year?
How to take 3% commision as a agent?
How to get bonus as many as possible?
click. All the answere is here.

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Wanted Adelaide beach unit

I’m looking for an Adelaide beach fronted unit.  Prefer West Beach to
Brighton areas under $150K.

Send any info to <dowli…>

Nev Dowling

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when to buy and sell stocks

I would like to start a discussion on peoples opinions of what indicators
prompt buying and selling shares.
I am more interested in short term trading than long term investing
My basic understanding is:
a.. buy low and sell high.
    b.. always trade with the trend which can be seen with a moving average
    c.. The challenge is to see those changes in trend to optimize your
entry and exit points
    If you make a mistake and buy something that trends down it’s better to
stop your losses and quit at maybe -15%
If you are slow and your stock drops more than 25% it usually won’t fall
much further.

Do you have any opinions?

from steve1

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Outstanding 1st Qtr 1998

We have put together an outstanding record thus far thru the 1st quarter of
1998. We expect the remainder of the year to be an outstanding opportunity
for substantial gains. We post a current portfolio which you can analyze as
well as complete summary of all prior trades at our site.
Best of all is our approach. We give you points of entry and target levels
as well as exit points. You can use us for option trading as well as short
to intermediate term stock trades. Try us for 1 month at no charge. Free
30day trial.
The Market Radar, at

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