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Consoidated Rutile, Sierra Leone

Investors with an interest in this stock or to a lesser extent in RGC, can
view the latest News from Sierra Leone at this web site.

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Looking for good Portfolio Management & Charting Software for Windows 95 and NT?

If you are currently having investments in the sharemarket,
and is looking for good portfolio management and charting software, read on.

Do you want to have a low-cost software package that can:

   * keep track of all your trade activities and dividends?
   * report all your holdings, trade history, dividends,
     capital gain tax, and brokerage?
   * calculate brokerage fees and stamp duty automatically
     when you buy or sell shares?
   * calculate your dividend imputation and tax on your dividends?
   * provide a repository for all trade-related information
     (eg. equities, options, warrants, brokers, brokerage rates,
      CPIs, stamp duty, income tax rates)?
   * pre-loaded more than 1200 companies that are currently
     trading in the Australian Stock Exchange?
   * Import/export share prices data from various information
     providers including ASX.
   * chart the share prices and portfolio (with moving average
     and hi-low-close chart) and paste them to other applications?
   * import share prices data from various data providers?
   * query of which shares are currently trading within 5%
     of their year’s high?
   * explain more than 300 common financial terms?
   * provide an on-line manual?
   * provide a FREE technical support?

Now all these functions are available to you in StockMaster.
It is a software developed by SuperTech Software Pty Ltd.

StockMaster uses the latest technology and is
built on the client-server architecture. This provides the best user
interface and powerful database engine. In addition, it is a 32-bit
application which is designed to run on Windows 95 and Windows NT.

A standard StockMaster package includes the following:

· 8 x 3.5" installation diskettes
· 1 User Guide/Manual
· 1 Installation Guide
· 1 Registration form
· 1 Feedback form
· free technical support

The Recommended Retail Price for StockMaster is A$145
If you order directly by sending a cheque or money order to:

     SuperTech Software Pty. Ltd.
     P.O. Box R1415
     Royal Exchange
     NSW 1225 Australia

you can receive a special offer for only A$138 (including shipping and
handling fees).

More information about StockMaster, including screen shots, can be found
on our World Wide Web site:

If you have any questions, you can  contact the salesperson

     Tel: (02) 9757 4204
     Fax: (02) 9757 4207
     Email: stsh… (

SuperTech also provides services for daily download of share price data
and historical price data.


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Gann Chronicles, Powerful Indicators

W.D. Gann Chronicles into the Future.

Topic of the week:  Wheat – As of 05-29-97
   *The affects of the Sun’s Aspects, Moon, & Eclipses on the Wheat Market:
   *Gann Squares
   *Historical review
   *Monthly and Weekly charts with Gann Stuff.
Check it out.

Alex Andresen
My Email:   cbot…

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Australian gold miner seeks investor for his Papua New Guinee operation

My friend Don seeks an investor. Then sum of US$60000 is required to resume
mining. All machinery and gold processing plant is in place in PNG and some
repairs are required.Involvement in the project as well as other matters
relating to the investement are negotiable.
I personally am not involved in the matter but you can email me to get in
touch with Don.


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Re: colonial shares

Terry Mann wrote:

> I have just recieved some colonial shares as a result of the
> demutualisation. (only 650 shares). How does one go about selling 650
> shares?  What should I expect to have to pay to sell them? Any suggestions
> on a stockbroker?

> And a general question , do shares have to be sold through a stock broker?
> Is there any reason why people cannot trade shares directly without the
> middle man.?

> Thanks in advance

> Terry

If you want to sell shares with minimum cost I suggest you go through a
discount broker such as Rivkin Smith Croll or Pont Securities.

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$180,000 ready to spend

I’m looking for a fee-only financia advisor to manage my IRA using
no-load mutual funds.  My account has an approximate value of $180K.
If your firm is truly fee-only, please respond to the following

1)      Where would my account be held? (Specify institution)
2)      Who would be responsible for choosing the funds in my
portfolio?  Please provide some ackground information on this person’s
experience level & qualifications.


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The Paragon Traders' Report 5/31

The following report contains excerpts from The Paragon Traders’
Report, which is published daily.  The Paragon Traders’ Report is a
very detailed tool for OEX, S&P and T-Bond traders. For information on
The Paragon Traders’ Report, or to subscribe, please call 330-484-6391
or eMail Paragon…

The Paragon Traders’ Report Weekly Outlook


The markets spent the majority of the holiday-shortened week trading
back and forth in a confined range. Even though the markets set new
all time highs on Tuesday, the upward momentum just did not exist.
This lack of momentum caused the markets to become very compressed by
the end of Thursday’s trading. We warned our subscribers, "This
(compression) is a prelude to a very dangerous situation, if caught on
the wrong side of the move." Friday the compression was released as
the S&Ps gapped down 13 1/2 points on Intel news and then rallied over
20 points straight up. Next week will be key to determining the
intermediate direction of the market. Let’s take a detailed look at
how last week unfolded.

The markets were closed on Monday in observation of Memorial Day. The
previous Friday’s close was the all time closing high on the S&Ps. In
our report last weekend we stated that, "Since this move occurred in
holiday trading we will have to wait until Tuesday to confirm the
breakout." Tuesday’s action was again strong. The June S&Ps sold off
in early action but held above Friday’s low. The markets then turned
pushing back up to new all time highs. Tuesday the market behaved as
we expected. Our daily projected range was 843.50 to 853.30. The
actual range for the day was 842.60 to 854.70. The market was lead by
the Nasdaq, which set a new closing high at 1409. This was all done
with the June T-Bonds moving back above the critical 7% level.

After setting a new high on Tuesday, the S&Ps could not manage to move
higher on Wednesday or Thursday. Wednesday the S&Ps set both a lower
high and higher low, an inside day. This is a sign that neither the
bulls or bears had any real conviction to buy or sell. Frequent
readers of this report know that once the market starts to compress,
this is a sign a large move is in the making. We warned our
subscribers, "The underlying indications are that the bulls are
tiring." For the day the S&Ps closed down just under a point and the
T-Bonds unchanged.

Thursday the compression in the market continued. The S&Ps were again
unable to set a higher high but did manage to set a lower low. The
markets became so compressed on Thursday that we issued a special
alert to our subscribers indicating that a move was on the way. These
types of compressions lead to a quick 8 to 10 point move. For the day
the S&Ps closed down 5 points but still in their range.

A market cannot stay tightly confined. Friday, the compression we
warned about all week was released. We told our subscribers, "A major
move is at hand…This is a prelude to a very dangerous situation – if
caught on the wrong side of the move." This situation unfolded Friday
morning as the market reacted to news that Intel’s revenue may slow.
In the globex market the June S&P 500 futures locked down the limit,
15 points. On the open of the day session the S&Ps gapped down 13 1/2
points and produced a minus 950 NYSE tick reading. This type of
selling is extreme. More importantly, the S&Ps were back to the major
support area. The selling did not last long as the S&P moved higher.
By 1255 ET the S&Ps were back to unchanged. The rest of the day was
virtually straight up. The S&Ps hit a high of 854.50, 23 points above
the early morning low. The markets are ready to move. Do not miss this


In last week’s report we stated that the market had defined it range
of 852 to 829. Both ends of this range were tested last week and both
held. The market is setting up for a major move. The T-Bonds remain
confined in a range as well as the S&Ps. When the two markets finally
get back in sync the results will be amazing. We expect significant
trading opportunities to present themselves over the next two weeks.
Do not miss these opportunities. For daily updates stay tuned to our
Paragon Traders’ Report.


Monday May 26:

The markets were closed in observation of Memorial Day.

Tuesday May 27:

"The projected daily range based on our proprietary 3 DMA method was
843.50 to 853.30."

The actual daily range was 842.60 to 854.70.

Wednesday May 28:

"For now the key support level on the June T-Bonds remain 108 8/32 to
108 1/2"

The June T-Bonds set a low at 108 18/32. For the second day in a row
the T-Bonds held above the key support level of 108 1/2.

Thursday May 29:

"Time is wasting with several major time projections converge over the
next 5-10 days and prices are compressing for a major breakout."

The S&Ps continued to compress creating a very dangerous environment.

Friday May 30:

"A major move is at hand…" "This is a prelude to a very dangerous
situation – if caught on the wrong side of the move."
The S&Ps traded down the limit in globex. In the day session the S&Ps
gapped down 13 1/2 on the open.

Past performance is not indicative of future results.

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Investment ideas

G’day all…

I’m always have an interest in Investment/share and stock market ever
since i was 15 years of age though I wouldnt have a clue how all those
things work and beside I didnt have money any money then :)

I’m now in my early 20 and have a decent job and can cash out some of my
saving for my childhood dream and still wouldnt have a clue how these
things work :)..Would anyone here point me to some place where I can do
some reading or give me some suggestion on how to go about venturing down
this strange yet familar road?..I’m not out to become a million air
or making huge profit or anything like that..I just want the thrill of
doing things I always wanted to do :) and know how to do it :)..

ok thanks for your time and any ideas, sugestion will be appreciated :)

Binh Nguyen

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* International ISP Seeks Investors *


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New West Australian Small Business Directory. Seeking Help

I hope that I do not offend anyone by posting this message.
But I figured that having the subject heading so obvious people who did
not wish to read it would not.

I am starting a west australian small business directory and would love
people to give their opinions and if at all possible to link to it.

Clay :)

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