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After many years of successful hands-on experience in making things
happen, and still editing a successful and internationally read newsletter
about gold and precious metals, I believe the best way to participate in
this Gold Market is to invest in Gold Rare Coins. With the dramatic
increase in the number of collectors over the last two decades, investors
can profit from higher demand and greater liquidity. Returns will be
multiplied by leverage, gaining from advances in the price of Gold and the
public s renewed interest in hard assets (coins) over paper assets
(depreciating dollars).

The long-term trend for Gold Rare Coin prices is extremely positive. In
every cycle of the market, the highs always exceed the previous highs; and
the lows are always higher than the previous lows. Gold Rare Coins are a
superb, long-term appreciating asset. Because of the magnitude of the bull
and bear moves in the marketplace, timing is a crucial element in
maximizing the benefits received from an investor s participation in Gold
Rare Coins.

Having turned around a few months ago, the Gold Rare Coin market puts us
at the beginning of an upswing that should last for years to come. The
degree of the upswing will be determined by external forces (i.e., the
value of the dollar, inflation, deficit size and the Gold price) affecting
the marketplace. There is no question that all of these forces are turning
bullish for Gold Rare Coins. The only question is how bullish they will

* A mild bull market would see prices double from current levels
* A moderate bull market would see prices go up 250% to 400%
* A major bull market would see prices go up 500% to 1000%

I am convinced that the major bull market of all time is right around the
corner. With that in mind — along with my strong belief in value,
long-term capital appreciation and risk diversification — I firmly
believe this is an extraordinary opportunity. The time to invest in Gold,
and Gold Rare Coins is NOW.

Patrick J. Jacquemin
President & CEO
Leveraged Gold Network, Inc.



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Financial Position (June1, 1996)
Shares Outstanding:  3.6 million (est.)                         Share
Price: $5.00
Float: 1.2 million shares plus two warrants
Market Makers: 4                                  Fiscal Year: December 31
Exchange: NASDAQ Small Cap

Investment Opportunity
1. Under-valued relative to peer companies;
2. Novel core technology (Composite Cultured Skin, or CCS) can fulfill
significant unmet medical needs worldwide;
3. CCS has the potential to lower substantial medical costs;
4. CCS is currently in pivotal clinical trials in the United States;
5. Development supervised by highly regarded Scientific Advisory Board;
6. Potential to address large target markets.

Business Summary  
Ortec International is a biotechnology company involved in the development
of a proprietary technology to stimulate repair and regeneration of human
tissue, such as skin. The Company applies the latest technologies in
biomaterials, cell biology, and bioengineering. CCS is currently in
various stages of both clinical and laboratory evaluation for treatment of
severe burns as well as research for treatment of:
1. skin ulcers;
2. reconstructive and cosmetic surgery;
3. Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB, a severe congenital skin condition).

 Upon completion of pivotal clinical trials and successful evaluation by
the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), CCS may have enormous medical and
commercial potential.

Background: Treatment of Severe Burns
There are an estimated 100,000 cases of severe burns in the United States
annually. The loss of the upper layers of skin places these patients at
extreme risk for severe infection, pain, body fluid loss, and scar
formation   all requiring expensive and prolonged treatment. Replacement
of the burnt skin normally requires an autograft   the replacement of skin
removed from another unaffected part of the patient s body.  Burns
covering large areas, however, require many such grafts, with a subsequent
increase in  scarring, infection risks, treatment costs and hospital

Core Technology: Composite Cultured Skin (CCS)

CCS, based on technology developed by Mark Eisenberg, M.D., of the
University of New South Wales, Australia, essentially duplicates the
essential upper layers of human skin: the epidermis and dermis. The
Company s proprietary process utilizes infant foreskins as a source of
immature human dermal and epidermal cells. These cells are grown in
enormous quantities and cryopreserved. After thawing, the two cell types
are cultured on a proprietary collagen matrix, forming a  biologically
active dressing.  This dressing is then applied directly on the wound.

*Common Stock, Class A Warrants and Class B Warrants trade under the
symbols ORTC, ORTCW, and ORTCZ, respectively.

Fact Sheet

Composite Cultured Skin (CCS) from Ortec International: Niche in
Replacement Skin Marketplace
CCS is distinct from other available treatments in targeted markets,
including those products known to be under development:
1. CCS is a unique, bi-layered biologically active dressing;
2. CCS allows for the treatment of burns without the need for skin grafts
from either the patient or cadavers;
3. CCS can be rapidly applied to the burn area and can greatly lessen time
and costs associated with hospitalization. Immediate treatment of severe
burns with CCS may afford rapid healing, with a possible reduction of
scarring and other complications.

CCS Clinical Sites
Clinical evaluation of CCS is being conducted at leading medical centers
1. Treatment of severe burns under an FDA Investigational Device Exemption
(IDE): Westchester Medical Center, Valhalla, NY, and Jacobi Hospital Burn
Center, Bronx, NY;
2. Treatment of EB: University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.

New Laboratory in Audubon Biomedical Science and Technology Park, Columbia
University, NY
Ortec recently signed a lease to establish a new laboratory within the
Audubon Biomedical Science and Technology Park,  at Columbia-Presbyterian
Medical Center. This facility will be utilized for further research and
development,  production of CCS for clinical trials, and as a site for
corporate offices.

Ortec International Scientific Advisory Board
The Company has a highly distinguished advisory board:
1. Richard Kronenthal, Ph.D. (Chairman)   Previously VP, Research and
Development, Ethicon, Inc.;
2. Eugene Bauer, M.D.   Dean and Professor, Department of Dermatology,
Stanford University School of Medicine;
3. Joseph McGuire, M.D.   Professor, Dermatology and Pediatrics, Stanford
University School of Medicine;
4. Andrew Salzberg, M.D.   Co-Director, Burn Unit, Westchester Medical

Intellectual Property
The Company has exclusive worldwide rights to CCS technology.

Complete information on Ortec can be found in the Company s March 31, 1996
10-K, or by contacting Ron Lipstein, Chief Financial Officer, Ortec
International, Inc.,  8000 Cooper Ave.,  Bldg. 28, Glendale, NY 11355; or
by phone at (718) 326-4698.

  I also have the last five press releases for Ortec, if you are
interested in them, email me at:    OrtecPr…@AOL.COM.              GOOD

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Beam International Debuts


Beam International will debut on the Australian Stock Exchange on the
18th of September 1996.

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To all of those people with "Make 50k in a month" schemes could you please find another
newsgroup because I’m sure everyone here in this newsgroup is sick of these posts.

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Get control over your money (and stop the tax man getting it!)

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If you want to examine the possibilities please email:

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Australian Stocks: If You Have Questions, Please Ask Me


As a highly motivated and enthusiastic stock-broker, I
encourage anybody with a genuine interest in Australian
shares and/or derivatives to send some email to me containing
anything that they wish to discuss or ask.

Whether it be information on specific companies or general
investment guidance, I will gladly respond to all queries to
the best of my abilities.  I prefer to correspond via email
rather than on the newsgroup as investment strategies tend to be
individual, and there is risk in presenting advice to a wide
audience or readership on a newsgroup where it may not apply
equally to everybody’s unique situation.

If anybody has any objection to this invitation which is
supplied with the most sincere of intentions, please email
this to me as well, as I do not want to misuse the spirit
of this forum for soliciting clients, but hope that I can
be of real benefit to people who are seeking straightforward
advice in the area of stock market investment.

Many thanks,

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International Communication Services, Inc.
P.O. Box 72, Ephrata, PA  17522
Contact:        Daryn P. Fleming
Phone:          (717) 738-0990
E-MAIL: i…



September 12, Westminster, Colorado —  International Communication
Services, Inc. a privately held, U.S. telecommunication firm is
considering an Initial Public Offering.  The company began five years
ago as an exploratory division of Industrial Construction Services,
Inc., a privately held electrical contractor doing $20 to $40 million
worth of business yearly.  International Communication Services, Inc.,
seeks to design, build, and manage fiber optic telecommunication
networks for municipalities and other governmental entities.  Although
in the past the company has done exploratory work, it is now closer
than ever to acquiring its first contract.  International Communication
Services, Inc. has been selected by the City of Lynn Haven, Florida to
build a $13 million telecommunication network for that entity provided
specific political and other requirements can be met.  On Thursday,
Aug.15, the Minnesota Star Tribune announced that International
Communication Services, Inc. has met bidding requirements and has been
selected as one of 2 firms selected to move forward into the agreement
process to build a $97 million telecommunication network owned and
operated by the Minnesota Department of Transportation.  The company is
currently conducting a feasibility study about the prospects for
success of raising capital through an Initial Public Offering.  Thus,
the company seeks to develop an IPO list in which the individuals on
that list will be the first to receive an offer to purchase company
stock if and when it becomes available.  The only requirement to be on
the IPO list is the ability to purchase a minimum of 100 shares.  
Company officials estimate that the shares will probably be priced in
the $5 range.  In the past, some telecommunication company stock prices
have risen very quickly.   To learn more about International
Communication Services, Inc.,  and the exciting opportunity to invest
in a ground floor opportunity, send an E-Mail inquiry only, to the
address above.  The company welcomes inquiries from all over the world,
as the number of inquiries will determine whether the company actually
decides to have a stock offering or not. The general public is welcome
to participate and anyone who inquires will immediately be placed on
the special IPO list. This offer is very unusual because most IPOs are
reserved for favorable customers of brokerage firms and other select
individuals.  The company wants to emphasize that this is not an offer
to buy or sell securities, it is merely a feasibility study.  Like all
investments, IPOs can be risky and there is always the possibility of
complete loss.  Interested individuals will receive free information
about the company by immediately responding to i…  

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Electric water heaters

Dear investors,
        Anybody is interested in supplying SKD kits of the electric water heaters,
please contact us if you are interested.

|   Essam Iskandar                   Tel.    : +202-574-9921         |
|   RIV Company                              : +202-575-9921         |
|   6 Orabi Street                   Fax.    : +202-776236           |
|   P.O.Box 101                      Tlx.    : 92808 RIV UN          |
|   Cairo 11511                      E-mail  : r…    |
|   Egypt                            URL     : |

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bank debentures & standby letters of credit: AUTHORITATIVE RESEARCH EXPLAINS MARKET

For a variety of reasons, government organizations, primarily within the
U.S. are not anxious for the conventional investment manager to become
familiar with a legitimate market for irrevocable, unconditional bank
obligations.  There is a fear or perception that if too many people come
to believe that such a market TRULY exists, that it would cause havoc
with the financial markets as large sums would exit the traditional
markets for what may be a superior opportunity.

The government agencies like to repeat a limited number of news stories
about investors who have been scammed in the market.  While it is always
unfortunate when people are scammed, it is a reality in many markets
besides this one.

If you have an interest in understanding what the REAL market for bank
instruments is all about, it is there to be read and understood.

Refer to


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Ferrari Spyder or Porsche 911 Turbo?? – $money$.txt (1/1)

begin 644 $money$.txt

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